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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Do I really need an attorney?
If you have to ask yourself this question, then you at least owe it to yourself to consult with an attorney about your case.  Before you decide to go it alone, give us a call and let us educate you about your options.

2.  Do I have to go to court if I hire an attorney?
It depends on the charge you have, the county you were cited in, and other variables particular to your situation.  Most traffic tickets can be handled by an attorney, without you having to go to court.  Most criminal charges require your presence.  Give us a call or shoot us an e-mail and we can answer this question specifically as it relates to you.

3.  What happens if I just pay off my ticket?
If you pay off your ticket you are pleading guilty to all of the charges for which you were cited.  You will receive any and all license points and insurance points that result from those charges.  In some instances your license will be suspended by DMV for the conviction(s).  

4.  Why are they saying my license is revoked?
There are over 70 reasons why your license may be revoked.  The most common we see are for failure to appear in court, failure to pay a fine, accumulation of 8 or more license points, and prior convictions of DWI and/or driving with a revoked license.  A review of your driving record from DMV will show exactly why your license is revoked.  In some instances, you may find that your license is not actually revoked, and that the officer or the DMV simply made a mistake.  
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